The goal of AgriTech India is to bring leaders in Agricultural technology together from across the globe to meet Dealers & Distributors from All over South Asia..

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Why Should Someone Exhibit At AgriBusiness Expo

Ever chased a sales lead..Endlessly sending messages after messages.. Getting time to convince your buyer is the most difficult part of marketing.. And when everyone is trying, your star client or customer, may end up ignoring a vital message of yours.

One of the biggest feature of setting a stall at a AgriTech India is that it allowss you to meet and connect with 'willing' investors, Dealers, Distributors and above all, Users in person..face to face. That what creates a CONNECT. After meeting personally, you become a known person, recognized, and want to connect with.

Although all growers or buyers may not place orders for your product or service. Those who meet you at AgriTech India, will become far more responsive to your marketing messages once as already know you as a genuine person instead of just another salesperson. Contact Us Now

While AgriTech India and Concurrent Expos give you the opportunity to better connect with buyers from wide demography, Your Stall at AgriTech India also allows you to meet existing customers face-to-face. While most of today’s business is conducted over the email , WhatsApp etc, face-to-face meetings are definitely a fantastic way to boost client confidence.

Citing a study by Oxford Economics, the well-known financial publication The Wall Street Journal reports that face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to strengthen relationships with both prospective customers and current customers.

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See Your Competitors Products & Strategies

When your team is exhibiting a at AgriBusiness Exposition, they are right in action Zone.. Exhibitions are a place for manufacturers and Producers to announce and display their latest innovations and developments – some of them that can have major effects on your activity as a well. So be ther.. Contact us Now.

In a competitive industry, would you rather be aware of your competitors or out of the loop? Exhibiting at AgriTech-Foodex is not only an opportunity to make new customers and connect with existing customers – it provides you with unhindered view at cutting contemporary changes in your industry and the opportunities they create.

That is why, do send your Technical staff along with Sales team to AgriTechIndia & IndiaFoodex . Let your technical staff attend and Make Presentations at seminars & organise workshops so that they are up to date with new technologies, techniques, and industry trends. .. ... Contact Us Now

AgriTech India combined with IndiaFoodex makes it a B2B as also a B2C expositions. Here you’ll have both highly prospective customers as well as prospective vendors for your own self. AgriTech India combined with IndiaFoodex are more than just an opportunity to expand your distribution, but a chance to expand your supply chain.

While your sales and marketing team focuses on meeting with clients, your Purchasing Manager can meanwhile explore new vendors and contractors that can help your business grow. This makes AgriTech India combined with IndiaFoodex a two-sided opportunity for your business – one to expand its sales, and to expand its supply chain. .. .... Contact Us Now

AgriTech India and IndiaFoodex together create an excellent ambience where small and Big have same amount of access to potential clients except for Awe Factor by Bigger Stalls. So It is unmatched opportunity not just for direct sales and marketing, but for establishing and positioning your Brand as a existing or Potential leader in its segment.. Creativity is the name of Game !

Give free samples, Distribute Brochures, Captivate your Buyers and Invite Best of Press.. AgriTech India & India Foodex combine can give your brand a sizable boost than a trade show. Do design an exhibition stand that is attractive and one single exhibition can boost your brand from up-and-comer to established industry leader.

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So with all above and many more reasons, your participation in AgriTech India - India Foodex is definitely a step towards progress.. Why wait.. Call our offices. at WhatsApp 919811152139 / 919811553035 Or use

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India largest Exihibition on

morden Farming ,Agriclutural Equipment,farm Machinery,

Agro-Startups,& Agri Processing Tecnologies.


Shell Scheme includes: floor rental, back and side walls, fascia board with company name, one table, two chairs (per 9 Sqm.), 3 spot lights, registration fee, electric point (300 watts single power socket per booth), carpet and company entry in the official show catalog. Contact us for 2 Side & 3 Side Open Premium Stalls


9 sqm. stall Rs. 71100 + 18%GST

12 sqm. stall Rs. 94800 + 18%GST


15 sqm. stall Rs. 118500 + 18%GST

18 sqm. stall Rs. 142200 + 18%GST


18 sqm. stall Rs. 149400 + 18%GST

21 sqm. stall Rs. 174300 + 18%GST


Bare Space includes: floor rental, registration fee, electric point (300 watts single power socket per booth) and company entry in the official show catalogue. Contact us for 2 Side & 3 Side Open Premium Stalls


18 sqm. stall Rs. 124200 + 18%GST

21 sqm. stall Rs. 144900 + 18%GST


27 sqm. stall Rs. 199800 + 18%GST

30 sqm. stall Rs. 222000 + 18%GST


36 sqm. stall Rs. 284400 + 18%GST

45 sqm. stall Rs. 355500 + 18%GST



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